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Insurance Services | West Bengal | TID: 10612898
1 Value: INR 80 Million | Supply of equipments and instruments - Dissection Hall Tool Boxes-Entire set, Slide Calipers- Straight and Curved, Weighing machine- Normal for human weight measurement, Height measuring stand, Plastic tanks for storing soft and dissected parts (Approx. Size 5’X3’X2’), Microtome - Rotary, Dissection Hall Table with stainless steel tops (Approx Size 6’1’’x2’x3’), Dissection hall tables with stainless steel half standard (Approx. size 3’X1’X1.5’), Mortuary cooler with arrangement to keep at least 8 bodies, Trolley Table steel light (Approx Size 3’ X 2’X3’), Balance Earanger capacity 6 kilos Sensitivity 1/5 gm, Electric time marker 100/ sec, Tuning fork, time marker 100/sec, Kymograph paper, Large extension kymograph, Brodie starling complete with respiration, pump, motor time marker and manometer etc, Operation table, Volume recorders, Dales organ bath for internal organs, Animal weighing machine for small and big animals ( for each), Mareys tambour, Venous and arterial cannula (each), Smoking outfit with fume cupboard, Varnishing outfit, Anaesthesia box, Surgical instruments – scalpels ,scissors, forceps, bull dog clamps, aneurysm needle, retractors (each), Demonstration eye piece, Double demonstration eye piece, Polygraph, Venous pressor apparatus, Ordinary spirometer, Gas analysis apparatus Haldanes student type, Van slykes apparatus manometric, Gas analyzer – automatic for CO2,O2,N2, Mossos ergograph, Algometer, Apparatus for passive movement, Stetho graph only without accessories, Bicycle ergometer, Olfactometer, Ophthalmoscope, Douglas bag complete, Phacoscope, Perimeter with charts, Otorhinolaryngoscope, Physiograph 3 channels complete with accessories, Physiograph single channel complete with accessories, Glass distillation apparatus, Voltage stabilizer, Step down transformers, Weighing Machine, Compas aesthesiometer, Thermo aesthesiometer, Hair aesthesiometer. | Due on 08-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 10609105
2 Value: INR 10 Million | Supply of X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) in Physics Department | Due on 16-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Shipping | Maharashtra | TID: 10607981
3 Value: INR 7.12 Million (approx.) | Auction Sale Of Ordinary Portland Cement Brand 'Lucky Cement', Diesel Generator Set "Volvo Penta" Model Tad-740 Ge, Automotive Wiring Harness Assembled, Stc A765 Kv Hardware Fitting For Quad Bersimis Acsr, Auto Parts Such As Glass Beam Sealed, Fuel Pump, Clutch Disc, Carbon Brushes, Glow Plugs Etc, Cable Renault, Electronic Goods Viz. Digital Music Player I.E. Mp3, Mp4, Digital Cameras, Pc Cameras Etc. & Acc, Old & Used Photo Copiers Of Various Models & Brands. I.E. Xerox 1090, 5365,5046,5034,5345,5334 Etc, Nylon Supplex Fabrics With W/R Finished Width, 103 Pkgs (102 Ctns + 1 Roll) Contents, Ceramic Tiles. Each Ctn 88 Pcs, 04 Pallets Containing 6258 Pcs Metal Halida Discharge Lamps Assorted Wattage, No.-Machinery Castilla No. 410/428. Mod Jch 200, Jch 200 Maser Spain, Pallet (2 C/S) Stc 749 Sets – Assembly Disc Spring, 9 Units Manitowoc Crane Parts, 10 Ctns=475 Pcs. Vernier Caliper Dial Caliper, Micrometer, Skd = 154 Ctns = 7500 Pcs Of "Dwyer" Pressure Gauges Of Various Pressures, One Ldd Container - 20'stc 603 Pcs Machinery Items & Tools Return After Completion Of Project, 2 Cases Stc One Shipset Of Marine Reduction Gear Boxes, Pallets Containing Religious Material/Books Of Various Titles, 2 Pallets Components Of Colour Tv Nihan India., 1 Pallet=95 Ctns=Approx 98637 Pcs, 1 Pallet=24 Ctns=Approx 959 Pcs., Total 2 Pallets=119 Ctns= Approx 99596 Pcs, 5 Cases Die Block Machinery Die Blocks, Spares Accessories & Sample Plastic Parts Of Tc Cabinets, 27 Cable Drums. 54812 Mtrs. Optical Fibre Cables. Type 125 M 9/125 Sc M.I. Denmark., Bearings Morris Oxford B4170m & M3157m Connecting Rod Bearings And Main Bearing, 1 Open Flat Container Containing 1 No. Rotary Indexing Spm Machine Base. C/O Usa Machine Type 8 Stn. Rot. Spm. Machine Sr. No.97-316. Container No. Futl 5571671 X 20, Polyester Dyed Fabrics(Various Colours), Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories- Printer Processor Brand" Noritsu", Film Processor Brand "Noritsu", Digital Colour Printer Brand, Used Photo Finishing System With Standard Accessories- Printer Processor, Un worked Rough Semi Precious Stones In Various Shapes (Rose Quartz Stone), Old And Used Tyres Without Tubes. | Due on 29-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Sikkim | TID: 10622807
4 Value: INR 5.50 Million | Supply Of LAN Set Up WI-FI Controller, UTM Device, Access Points Etc. | Due on 11-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Gujarat | TID: 10541516
5 Value: INR 2.93 Million (approx.) | Filling of the Posts of Warden, Stenographer, Librarian, LDC, Lab Attendant, Multi Tasking Staff (Peon), Multi Tasking Staff (Safai Karmachari under Facility Management for College of Nursing, Shri Vinoba Bhave Civil Hospital). | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Maharashtra | TID: 10452743
6 Value: INR 2.60 Million | Supply of Grocery Items, Vegetables & Fruits, Bakery Items, Non – Veg items, Foot-wear items, Sports Equipments, Lab Equipments, Stationary items, Electrical items, Hardware, Bedding items, School Bag & Sag, Labour charges for paint, Sports Uniform, soaps, Pastes, hair oil , brush, Tuck –shop, RO systems, RO systems Accessories, Armed guards, Annual maintenance contract computer & printers, Xerox & Fax, fully automatic chapatti making machine, Stitching of students uniforms etc. | Due on 23-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Delhi | TID: 10613132
7 Value: INR 2.50 Million | Supply Of Neurosurgery-Instrument-Frazier Ferguson Suction Tube 7fr, Frazier Ferguson Suction Tube 9fr, Hudson Brace, Non Glare 10", Huhdson Cerebellar Extension, Hudson Hand Drill, Cranial, Raney Scalp Clips (12 Clips Per Passckage), Scalp Clip Applying Forceps 61/2", Mayo Dissecting Scissors 5 1/2"(14cms),Curved , Carb N Sert Blades, Metzenbaum Scissors 7" (17.8cms) , Curved , Carb N Sert, Blades Potts -Smith Scissors ,Vascular 19cms ,60 Degrees Angled, Mosquito Forceps ,Haemostatic ,Extra Delicate 12.5cms Straight, Mosquito Forceps ,Haemostatic , 12.5cms Curved, Dandy Forceps , Hemostats , Serrated , Sideways Curved (5 1/2"), Adson, Hemostatic Forceps 7 1/4" , Curved, Jansen Retractor 4 1/4" , Blunt , 3x3 Prongs, Senn Retractor 6 3/8" Double End , Sharp, Murphy Retractor 7 1/2" ,4 Prongs , Sharp, Beckman Retractor Hinged 12 1/2" , Sharp, Mollison Self- Retaining Retractor, Curved, 165mm (6 ½, Gigli Saw Handle In Pairs (Set Of Two), Gigli Saw Guide , De Martel (33cms), Friedmann , Bone Rongeur, 14cms, 2.5mm Curved, Kerrison Purling ,Laminectomy Rongeur 20 Cms ,Jaw, 5mm, Liston Bone Cutter Forceps, Standard Straight, Jansen Rongeur 7" (17.8 Cms), Duck Bill Stille Luer Ronguer 9" ,Angled 6x 12mm Bite, Luer-Jansen Rongeur, Double Action, Slightly Curved On Flat, Light Model, 4mm, Bite, 197mm (7 ¾”), Luer Ronguer 7" ,Straight 8mm Bite, Schelesinger Cervical Rongeur 6 " , 3mm Upward Bite, Miltex Kerrison Cervical Rongeur 7" , 3mm Bite , 40, Degrees, Cushing Pituitary Rongeur ,Straight Upjaws ,7" Shank,, Schelesinger Pituitary Rongeur 6" Shaft & Serrated Cup Jaws , 4x10mm Bite, Cushing Little Joker Periosteal Elevator 6", Lanenbeck Preinstall Elevator 7 1/2" Broad, Adson Periosteal Elevator 6 1/2" , Blunt, Penfield Dissector 3mm (20.5 Cms), Penfield Dissector, Double Ended ,Slight Curve , Blunt (29 Cms), Lane Bone Lever 21 Cms, Mallet, Adson Bayonet Forceps 21cms ,Serrated, Adson Dressing Forceps, Serrated 4 3/4", Adson Tissue Forceps 4.75", Rochester Ochnser Forceps 15.9 Cms ,Sraight, Rochester Ochnser Forceps 7 1/2", Cushing Tissue Forceps ,17.8 Cms , 1x2 Teeth, Greenwald Nasal Forceps ,8", De Bakey Type Needle Holder 7", Crile Wood Needle Holder 6", Carb N Sert Jaws, Crile Wood Needle Holder 7", Carb N Sert Jaws, Freer Elevator 7" ,Double End, Scoville Brain Spatula, 8", Cushing Spatula Spoon 6 3/4',0.5" & 0.75" Wide, Frazier Dura Separator 6 1/2", Adson Dura Hook 8", Love Nerve Retractor 8 1/2", Straight , 7 Mm Blade, Love Nerve Retractor 8 1/2", Angled 90', Love Nerve Retractor ,Angled 45', Dandy Nerve Hook 9",Straight, Olivecrona ,Dura Dissector , Double Ended, 4&5mm, Randolph Tear Duct Cannula ,15mm, Luer Lock, Sterilizing Case , 325 X 275x50cms, Yasargil Galea Fish Hooks With Spring. 12 1/4" (310mm), 7mm, Hudson Conical Burrs, 9mm,11mm,13mm, Cone Biopsy Needles, Sharp Open End With Blunt Obturator, Luer Lock Hub, Length 3 ½” (89mm), (I) 13g. (Ii) 15g, Schmieden (Or Taylor) Dural Scissors, Angular With Probe-Pointed Under Blade, Screw-Joint, 146mm (5 ¾”), Blade Length 8” In Black Titanium Finish, Micro Scissors (Spring Type) Bayonet-Shaped, Yasargil, Micro-Scissors Straight 225mm, 9", Micro Dissecting Scissors, Bayonet-Shaped, Yasargil, Micro Dissecting Scissors Straight, 225 Mm, 9", Forceps For Grasping Tissue, Tumors Etc. Yasargil-Sami, Tumor Grasping Forceps Jaw Spoon-Shaped, 240 Mm, 9 1/2", 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, Jacobson Probe With Ball Tip 185mm, 7 1/4" Dia 1mm, 1.5mm, Jacobson Micro Vessel Arachnoids Knife 185mm, 7 1/4", Bayonet Probe, Teardrop Tip3mm, 15° Angle Whole Length 205.5mm Working Length 98mm, Intervertebral Disc Biopsy Forceps, Cushing Type 2mm X 10 Mm St., Up, Down Non-Glare Finish, Intervertebral Disc Biopsy Forceps Love-Gruenwald 3mm X 10mm St., Up, Down Non-Glare Finish, Landolt, Ø 9mm Tumor Grasping Forceps, Blunt 200mm, 8”. | Due on 25-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Rajasthan | TID: 10418903
8 Value: INR 2 Million | Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Negative Pressure Facility In BSL-II Room Of Microbiology Laboratory At Desert Medicine Research Centre. | Due on 24-Apr-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Maharashtra | TID: 10583205
9 Value: INR 2 Million | Supply of Secondary Standard Dosimeter For Absolute Dosimetery. | Due on 06-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 10589815
10 Value: INR 1.63 Million (approx.) | Supply of Mechanical lab equipments - mercury in glass thermometer, resistance thermometer, Prony Brake dynamometer Test Rig, pressure Measurement apparatus, Strain gauge, LVDT, bearing test apparatus, Turbocharger, Universal Governor Apparatus, Torsional/Transmission dynamometer test rig, cam Analysis Apparatus, epicyclical Gear Train & holding torque apparatus, static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, Brakes Rope, Band & Block Brake, internal expending brakes & disk brakes, CNC Lathe Machine, grinding machine center less, surface grinding machine, Milling machine, Battery Ignition system, Electronic Ignition system, Lubricating system, Natural Convection Apparatus, thermocouple Calibration Apparatus, stefen-Boltzman Apparatus, thermal Conductivity of Liquid Apparatus, Pin Fin Apparatus, Condensation in Film & Drop Apparatus, critical Heat Flux Apparatus, Heat Pipe Apparatus, model of shaft & key etc. | Due on 02-May-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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